Hands-on IT Courses

We provide a customizable learning environment just for you:

  • Small class size.
  • Industry leading subject matter expert will teach the classes online.
  • You will have access to course content via internet.
  • Your own personalized, dedicated, 24 X7 lab available for hands-on exercises and practice.
  • Lab assistants will be available to answer your questions on lab exercises.
  • Get certified for the courses.

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Featured Courses

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Hive, allows SQL developers to write Hive Query Language (HQL) statements that are similar to SQL statements; For anyone with a SQL or relational database background, this section will look very fa...     Learn More
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Learn with our live instructors, interactive

videos, lab exercises and more. Our Courses

are designed by today's practicing industry

experts. So you can learn the materials quickly

and effectively. Courses include extensive set

of exercises to support active learning. Labs

are developed for real world examples.


  We provide a complete dedicated lab to you with all

  the software installed, configured and ready to use.

  Since everyone has their own lab, it does not conflict

  with anyone else. It is available, when you are ready.

  Our videos are developed with an objective to reinforce

  the keyconcepts learnt during live instruction, which is

  critical to master the content. Within video, we stop

  and ask you simple questions to affirm your learning.