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We aim to create successful learning experiences that provides opportunities for designed action and guided reflection.

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What Makes Aziksa Learning Experience Platform Special?

The Aziksa LXF is a framework for effective and engaging learning experiences based on learning science. It enhances cognitive factors through appropriate learning strategies and focuses on hands-on experience and reflective thinking.



Students learn best when they are motivated and have the right attitude toward learning.

The research behind the principles enables our teams to combine unique delivery model with the science of how people learn to provide students with powerful effective learning experiences. They are highly interconnected both within the category and with the rest of the principles.


Students learn best when they learn by doing.

Applied practice is critically important to making sure that learning is usable and not inert. But in order to do, students must also know. The principles in this category inform the design of the active, applied practice that should be central to all learning experiences, and the instructional content that must support it. They include principles that inform what the student should learn and how the student should learn it.


Students learn best when they are thinking about what they are doing and feeling.

More beneficial than just “doing” alone, getting feedback, learning with others, and reflecting on the process of learning helps students succeed. This set of principles refers to the input students must receive throughout the process of learning—whether from the instructor, their peers, or themselves—in order to grow and improve.


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Built- In LXF Strategies In Aziksa

Our end-to-end contemporary learning strategy is delivered via the learning portal on a web-based and mobile technology platform with the following strategies.

Accessible Vocabulary & Syntax

Allows all learners to feel successful and participate in learning

Audio Books
Audio Books

Allows all learners to feel successful and participate in learning

Clear Structure & Presentation

Vocabulary and Syntax complexity that can be read and understood by learners

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