Course name:
Hadoop for Business Users (Live Virtual)
This one-day course provides a technical overview of Apache Hadoop for decision makers and business users. You will get a deeper and practical understanding of Hadoop™ using real world use cases and it will enable the students to make right decision on use of this technology. Included in this course are high level overviews of Apache Hadoop platform.
1 Day
Data architects, data integration architects, managers, executives, business users and decision makes who want to understand how to use Apache Hadoop solutions to solve their business problems.
Course outline:
<p>Understand big data</p> <p>Understand the benefits of Hadoop</p> <p>Understand how big data and Hadoop fit into your current infrastructure and environment</p> <p>Explain the architecture of a Hadoop installation</p> <p>Recognize use cases for Apache Hadoop</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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