Course name:
Pig - A data flow language for Big Data (Live Virtual)
Pig was initially developed to allow people using Hadoop to focus more on analyzing large data sets and spend less time having to write mapper and reducer programs. The Pig programming language is designed to handle any kind of data. Pig has two components - the first is the language itself, which is called PigLatin and the second is a runtime environment where PigLatin programs are executed.
2 Days
Apache Hadoop Developer
basic computer skills, basic knowledge in programming
Course outline:
<p>Module 01. Pig &ndash; Basic Concepts and comparison with Hive</p> <p>Module 02. Pig &ndash; Programming language</p> <p>Module 03 Pig &ndash; Programming language (Continuation)</p> <p>Module 04 Pig &ndash; Reading date from Hive Tables</p> <p>Module 04 Pig &ndash; Ad Hoc data analytics with Pig</p> <p>Module 05 Hive&nbsp; - Re-implementing Data pipeline using pig</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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